Client Loyalty Rewards Program.....

When you buy or sell your home with me, I offer a few different loyalty /appreciation programs from which you can choose.  One of my programs consists of Aeroplan Miles.  After your real estate transaction closes, you'll receive 500 Aeroplan Miles for every $10,000 in final transaction price purchased and/or sold up to a maximum of 15,000 Aeroplan Miles per household. For example, if you buy or sell a home for $300,000 or higher, you'll receive 15,000 Aeroplan Miles for using my services.

How you can earn up to 15,000® Aeroplan Miles?

Buy or sell your home with me and earn 500 Aeroplan® Miles for every $10,000 in purchase and/or sale price, based on final price of the property upon transaction closing (up to a maximum of 15,000 Aeroplan® Miles per transaction). Just mention my Aeroplan® Miles Offer*.

How it works:

               Home Price           Aeroplan Miles to you
               $100,000                           5,000
               $200,000                         10,000
               $300,000+                       15,000

When are you eligible?

Your name must appear on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to be eligible for the Aeroplan Miles. Note that only one Aeroplan Member can be awarded with Aeroplan Miles for your real estate transaction(s). If there are two names on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and both parties are Aeroplan Members, you'll need to decide who will be awarded the Aeroplan Miles.In order to be eligible for Aeroplan® Miles for the use of real estate services :

You must:

1.     You must not have an existing agency agreement with a real estate agent.

2.     be a Canadian resident who has reached the age of majority in your province of residence,

3.     be registered customer with the Aeroplan® Program; and

4.     be one of the parties named on the Contract of Purchase and Sale for the property in question.

What qualifies as an eligible transaction?
An eligible transaction for Client Rewards is a residential real estate (primary, secondary, recreational or investment) property located in Canada, being bought or sold by an eligible client. A property is not an eligible transaction where it is the subject of a government relocation (where the purchase or sale is part of the Integrated Relocation Program, Department of Defense or other government departments) or a corporate relocation program.

When do you earn the Aeroplan Miles?
You will be awarded with the Aeroplan Miles on or after the close date of the real estate transaction. On confirmation of the eligibility of the transaction and approval of payment, the Aeroplan Miles will be applied to your Aeroplan account. 

What is Aeroplan?
Since it began over 20 years ago, Aeroplan has grown to become Canada's premier loyalty company. Millions of Aeroplan members earn miles through a network of more than 70 partners. Over 150 companies are represented in the financial, retail and travel sectors. Members have redeemed their miles while travelling to more than 840 destinations world-wide.

What can you do with Aeroplan Miles? 
Aeroplan Miles can be redeemed for flights, hotel rooms, luxury car rentals, 
florist orders, restaurants, and many, many, more products and services.

For more details on the Aeroplan program and to set up an Aeroplan account, go to Aeroplan miles can now be earned from several retailers and credit card companies.  The miles can really add up!

Not an Aeroplan® collector? Sign up instantly at and start collecting today! You can redeem your Aeroplan® Miles for flights, car rentals, merchandise, and more. Click here for an Aeroplan® flight chart.

*Offer cannot be combined with any ongoing offers, promotions & discounts.
†Terms and Conditions apply.


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